Graffiti Removal

Grafiti before cleaning A modern day disease which needs to be treated in its early stages, otherwise it will spread and spread. Graffiti makes your environment look unkempt and cheap. It can devalue your property and attract crime into your area.

The first thought of action would be to scrub it away yourself, using a detergent or even DIY Graffiti remover! STOP BEFORE YOU CAUSE DAMAGE!

The DIY route might save you money, you may think? With the small chance of removing the graffiti, there is a much larger chance that you will leave a shadow of the graffiti. You might even smudge the graffiti making it look worse than before and even seal in the graffiti making it difficult to remove professionally! Finally add on the cost of permanently damaging the surface the graffiti is on and you can now deduce whether you have saved money...

After Removal of Graffiti Using the environmentally friendly Steam Cleaner, without the use of hazardous chemicals, we are able to remove graffiti, paint and chewing gum from most surfaces without damage to the object or the environment. This is an extremely cost-effective method and is actioned by fully qualified staff with mobile self-contained units.

We also offer permanent and semi-permanent anti-graffiti seals for brickwork and other similar surfaces to help stop this type of vandalism happening again.

We offer this Service across the UK.